Sweet F.A. is: (left to right) Jon Huffman, Guitar; Nick (Tricky) Lane, Drums; Patrick Stone, Vocals; Jim Quiggins, Bass; Brent Barker, Guitar

Chasing Rock and Roll

In July of 2022, Jim Quiggins (bass) asked Nick (Tricky) (drums) to join him as a sub for a gig at the Whisky in Hollywood. The one-off gig was a success, and the pair had such a good time playing together again that they began discussing how they could do more of it. Those conversations led to the decision to reboot Sweet F.A.

Jim and Nick began calling the other three members to gauge interest and devise a plan. Jon Huffman (guitar) immediately jumped on board. Unfortunately, Steve (vocals) and JT (guitar) have other obligations and declined to participate. No drama, just life.

As luck would have it, Nick had been in touch with Sweet F.A.'s original guitarist Brent Barker who was excited to take on his former role.

Offers for shows began rolling in almost as fast as the band came together, and the quartet played the first Sweet F.A. show in 15 years at Rocktember in Hinckley, MN, on Sept. 9th, 2022, with Patrick Stone (Budderside, Sweet) on lead vocals.


Upcoming Shows

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